Coffee Camp in Guatemala

The Coffee Camp and Kindergarten Program began in 2012 as an educational strategy to prevent child labor in Guatemala and contribute to school readiness in rural coffee growing areas. Raising awareness throughout the coffee chain in preventing child labor, was a main goal. Since then, the program has extended to five centers in different coffee growing regions throughout Guatemala.

The program, managed by Funcafe, a local non-profit organization, wanted to provide coffee worker’s a place for their children during the harvest season. They wanted to work with parents to show the advantages of not involving children in work activities. The program aims to teach kids between 4 and 7 years old about farming skills, writing, reading, and other crafts and activities.

Millcreek Coffee works with The Coffee Source to identify areas of need in the coffee growing regions in which we purchase coffee. Millcreek Coffee purchase roughly 23,000 pounds of Guatemalan per year for use as a varietal and in many of our blends. Starting in 2019, seven percent of every pound purchased by our company goes toward the Coffee Camp and Kindergarten program. We are proud to support the Acatenango region where we purchase our coffee.