In the world of coffee, there is always more to learn. We invite you to join us as we explore ideas, stories and happenings.

Coffee Camp in Guatemala

The Coffee Camp and Kindergarten Program began in 2012 as an educational strategy to prevent child labor in Guatemala and contribute to school readiness in

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The Purpose of Date-Stamping

At Millcreek Coffee, all of the coffee that you see has a date stamp of when the coffee was roasted. Why should you care? We

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Finding the Right Grind

If you are wondering what kind of grind to use for your coffee, we have a few helpful tips. First, we always suggest buying whole

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direct source

Costa Rica Social Impact Project

About The Cost Rican Coffee Industry: Coffee production and commercialization has made a large impact in the development of Costa Rican society. Since the eighteenth

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Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade

We often get asked about third-party certifications such as Fair Trade. Fair Trade was very relevant when the C-Market was low and farmers and growers

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roasting coffee

Coffee Roasting 101

Roasting is an art as well as a science. It takes time, skill, and patience. Although there are specific formulas for roasting coffee, one must

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