Mexican Honey

$16.00 per bag

Grown on a mountaintop estate in Union Juarez, this Mexican Honey coffee exhibits notes of honey, peaches and tropical fruit, yielding a salivating acidity.


Do not be misled by the name of this coffee – it is not doused in honey! This Mexican Honey coffee obtains its name from the distinct and unique “honey” fermentation process, which involves depulping the coffee cherries without removing all of the mucilage (flesh). The beans are then spread out on tables or patios to dry. By leaving some of the flesh on the beans (but less than that remaining for natural processing), the fermented beans end up looking like candied nuts. The sugars present in the remaining flesh yields an increased sweetness and body in your cup of coffee. Honey coffees end up possessing both the brightness of washed and the sweetness of natural coffees.

Purchase this unique coffee today to see what makes honey coffee so spectacular! For even more fun, try it alongside our fully washed Mexican varietal to compare the results of two different fermentation processes.


Region: Union Juarez, Chiapas
Cupping Notes: Notes of honey, peach, tropical fruit with a light body
Processing Type: Honey


While this varietal is not available as a subscription, we may send it as a Roaster’s Choice Light selection!