$14.75 per bag

This Nicaragua carries sweet, caramel aromas with distinct, balanced flavors of chocolate, rich nuttiness, and citrus undertones. This unique, medium-bodied varietal is one to savor.


Grown in the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua, the high altitudes promote slower development of the coffee cherries. The longer maturation time allows more sugars and nutrients to develop. The result is a dense, high quality bean with deeper, more complex flavors. This coffee is an exceptional example of what Nicaragua has to offer and is sure to please the palate with every cup!


Region: Jinotega
Cupping Notes: Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus notes, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well-rounded cup.
Processing Type: Wet processing / Fully washed


While this varietal is not available as a subscription, we may send it as a Roaster’s Choice Light selection!